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Startup and Ongoing Training and Support for your Financial Services Business

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Training and Support for Your Financial Services Business

In addition to top tier product and service offerings, FFC franchisees have an experienced corporate management team to guide them. The support staff helps to properly set up their stores, and we provide the in-depth training they need to launch their businesses. Then we work with franchisees on an ongoing basis to successfully build those businesses. We treat our franchisees like we do our customers – like family.



We Help Franchisees Do It All


  • Market evaluation
  • Financing
  • Secure a Money Service Business (MSB) bank account
  • Site selection
  • Turnkey “Store in a Box”
  • Project management
  • Licensing
  • Training and ongoing support


Our multi-faceted and hands-on training and support differentiates us from the competition and provides you with a solid foundation for success.

You’ll spend five days in our dedicated training center to:

  • learn the franchise software and equipment
  • do mock retail situations
  • learn how to handle employee relations and execute great customer service


The FFC training center is essentially a simulated financial services store, with the same equipment found in the actual store so that franchisees can practice real business transactions as they absorb other information about the alternative financial services industry. 

In addition to live support and 24-7 access to training materials via online portal, each store is required to participate in periodic monthly and annual retraining and ongoing education.

Training and Support Details

Phase One
For site selection, we do demographic reports on the proposed area for the financial services franchise, identify acquisition targets, assist with offer pricing, and we help with the acquisition itself. During this acquisition phase, we find the site and put together an asset purchase agreement. Then we help to secure licenses and permits. We also help establish the vendor relationships for financial services, money transfer, bill payment, and more. And, most importantly, we help to establish the banking relationships.

Phase Two
During the acquisition phase, FFC helps our franchisee understand the different systems that make up their business, like the point of sale system, for instance. We also bring the technology and security, whether it be video surveillance system or those used by tellers, up to our standard. Meeting our specific requirements helps with insurance, security, efficiency and customer service. We’re also at the closing table with our franchisees at the culmination of the acquisition.
Phase Three
Phase Three of support happens during the grand opening. We’re there the first week the store opens. That’s where our compliance team and back office team come into play. We help to set up everything up so that our franchisees can operate smoothly and confidently once their doors officially open for business.
Phase Four
The support offered in Phase Four is actually ongoing. We provide assistance with sales reporting, vendor management, etc. We also help with reviews, audits, compliance, and ensure that our franchisees understand the different resources available for use on their dedicated training portal. Our job is to support our franchisees to get in and stay in business.

Training and support are key differentiators between us and our competitors. Support isn’t just nice to have, it’s critical for our franchisee’s business success and longevity. We help each Family Financial Centers financial services franchisee understand the need to know their customers and keep up with the latest as well as emerging technology, be fully compliant, and train employees correctly. All of this maximizes a franchisee’s chances of success and minimizes risk. It’s how FFC has earned strong relationships with banks across the country. They see the value in the support we provide our franchisees with our compliance program. It’s also why many banks wholeheartedly support our business.

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