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Financial Services Franchise FAQs

Franchising is a serious investment, and it’s only natural that you have questions. Family Financial Centers is more than willing to answer them, but we compiled a few popular questions to start you off as you gather information about FFC’s Financial Services Franchise opportunity.

Describe the industry, market size and outlook?
FFC franchisees are part of the $106 Billion “money service business” (MSB) industry served by over 13,000 MSB’s across the U.S. There are over 350 million transactions annually. The primary customer is the unbanked and the under-banked, estimated to number 17 million and 51 million respectively. Combine that with the growing commercial segment and the fact that over 50% of Americans are now living paycheck-to-paycheck, the MSB industry is stronger than ever for those qualified. As the economy continues to improve, small business growth will drive revenue growth in the MSB commercial segment.
Why is it so difficult to get into the MSB industry and how does FFC help entrepreneurs get in and stay in the industry?
The primary reason most find it so challenging to get into the MSB industry is the fact that it is a regulated industry. Entrepreneurs trying to do it on their own face a daunting, time consuming and expense riddled road to success. Bank regulations, as well as local, state and federal compliance and regulatory challenges abound. FFC helps our franchisees get in the business by using our experience to navigate the arduous regulatory processes, while leveraging our banking and industry relationships. Then FFC ongoing support provides our franchisees with our bank-approved Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program, among the best in the industry, compliance “materials”, audit “support” and annual review “assistance”. This critical ongoing support, along with our decades-proven turnkey operations process, keeps FFC franchisees in business and positioned for success.
What is a Family Financial Center and what services are offered?

Located in attractive suburban centers, Family Financial Centers have the systems, ambience and professionalism of a traditional bank. FFC offers a full array of financial services including check cashing, bill payments, money transfer, money orders, Visa debit cards and gift card buy-back. Non-money offerings include notary, faxing, copying, prepaid phones and tax preparation at some locations. FFC does not offer payday loans, auto title loans or any other type of lending.

What franchise models are offered by FFC?
FFC offers three primary franchising models.

  • Full store: Single or multi-units. Franchisees benefit from our “acquisition” model which provides immediate cashflow and shorter return on cash. Owner operator or semi-absentee with manager.
  • Store-in-Store: Additional revenue stream for existing businesses. Also increases overall customer traffic.
  • Automated Check Cashing Machine: Low cost, single or multi-unit option for an absentee franchise using the latest in technology that eliminates fraud and the need for employees. Perfect for those seeking a passive revenue stream.
What kind of training and support does FFC provide?
FFC franchisees benefit from a robust training program beginning with the initial training session. Owners and their employees have a week in our training/simulation center at our home office before they open. That’s followed by another week at the franchisees location to ensure a good understanding of the processes, systems and procedures as well as to help with a smooth opening. Ongoing training includes specific annual training, training for new products or services, new employee training and 24/7 access to the franchisee portal training for self-paced training. Due to the highly regulated nature of the industry, FFC franchisees receive unparalleled, ongoing support. FFC provides support for compliance, audits, annual reviews and even on day-to-day operations. FFC supports franchisees with interactions involving acquisitions, landlords, banks, vendors, local, state and federal agencies.
How has technology impacted the industry?
Technology has had a positive impact on the industry for both the business owners and the customers. Business owners benefit by leveraging advances in technology in enhanced improved cash cycles, fraud prevention, POS database capabilities, reporting, security, surveillance and customer service improvement. Customers have benefitted from technology by minimizing their risk to fraud and enhancing their instore experience. FFC is well connected to Fintech experts looking to bring beneficial MSB technology to the market and committed to deploying the best existing and emerging technology available.
Why should I chose Family Financial Centers?
FFC has decades of experience in franchising, the financial services industry and our proven turnkey operations process helps entrepreneurs get in and stay in the lucrative money service industry. We are more than check cashing…we are Family!

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