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Family Financial Centers, LLC (FFC), a network of community-based financial service centers that offers financial services that include check cashing, bill payment, money orders, wire transfers, gift card buy back, pre-paid debit cards, digital currency and direct deposit, discuss their goals for 2023.

Edie Erhardt, Director of Franchise Development & Supports stated that “After having a record-breaking sales year in 2022, we are developing programs and agendas that will assist us in continuing this growth trend and surpassing those numbers! We’ve produced new marketing items that several of our locations are using to bring in new customers. Additionally, we have several new locations that are scheduled to open this year and look forward to expanding the FFC brand into new areas.”

Ken Parsons, President, stated that “after a robust 2022, we cannot adhere to complacency; we need to continue driving forward and keep focused on achieving our growth initiatives.”

FFC was recognized as a Top Franchise Company in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine. “Our stores have not only managed to stay the course, but by being more proficient, more detailed, and following standard operating procedures we continue to thrive and grow, a testament to how sound and resilient our FFC business model is and receiving this honor from Entrepreneur Magazine supports that”, comments Paul Eckert, Founder and CEO of Family Financial Centers.

Family Financial Centers is committed to providing community-based financial services in a fair, dignified, professional manner to folks with and without bank accounts, as well as to small businesses. Family Financial Centers help small business customers accelerate their cash flow to make payroll and retain their valuable employees through commercial check cashing services, with in-store and mobile check cashing options available.

The Family Financial Centers franchise was designed to be an alternative to rapidly disappearing neighborhood branch banks to serve the unbanked, the underbanked, small businesses and the more than 50% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck.

About Family Financial Centers
Family Financial Centers is the “Quantum Leap” forward in the evolution of the alternative financial service center. There are approximately 14 million Americans today with no bank account. Family Financial Centers have the systems, ambience and professionalism of a traditional bank and can offer a full array of financial services including check cashing, money orders, wire transfer, tax preparation services and more to those 14 million Americans. For 20 years, Family Financial Centers has been committed to raising the standard for alternative financial service centers, in both their product offerings and the way they are delivered to consumers.

Family Financial Centers is the best community-based financial service enterprise in America because they service their customers beyond their expectations. On a day when most organizations “over” promise and “under” deliver, Family Financial Centers stand out as the industry leader in service and in integrity.

Family Financial Centers have opportunities nationwide for entrepreneurs who want to own a high-tech, community-based, financial services franchise to serve un-banked or under-banked people and small businesses in America.

For more information about Family Financial Centers and the services available at our locations, please visit If you are interested in franchise opportunities in your local area, visit or call 877-236-5508.